Dog Safety

Never run or shout around a dog – always walk past calmly

Always ask before approaching any dog, ask the owner if it is alright to stroke the dog

Put your hand in a fist and let the dog sniff your hand, don’t move your hand towards the dog

Ask the owner where on the body to stroke the dog

Never touch a dog that is left alone outside a shop or similar situation

Don’t enter a garden if a dog is loose, even if you know it

Do not hug a dog

If an unknown dog runs to you or a dog you are visiting is very excited:

Stand still – Never run
Make no noise

Drop food or toys you are carrying away from you
Fold your arms
Look and move away from the dog slowly
Don’t make eye contact

Children around dogs:

Children need to be supervised when they are around dogs continuously

Dogs and animals in general should be allowed to come to you not the other way around

Children should not approach when the dog:
• is eating
• has a toy
• has puppies
• is sleeping
• is in bed or under a chair or table
• is sick or injured
• is trying to move away

Do not allow chase games or wrestling games between children and your dog. Your dog may become too excited and hurt someone
Never sneak up and surprise a dog
Do not allow anyone to tease a dog
Never hit or hurt a dog
Never allow the dog to mouth your skin or clothes

Your dog must never think that it is OK to touch your skin or clothes with their teeth

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