Animal Care Course Ireland

Animal Care Course Ireland

The Animal Care Course Ireland include courses & workshops I have created aim to provide a safe place for people of all backgrounds & ages interested in gaining greater knowledge of domesticated pet care.

Hannah Flew runs her uniquely designed courses directly from her own home.

The courses are designed to help those who want to make their pets’ lives better or for those curious about moving into an animal related career but just want a taster without committing full time & big money.

The core species covered in each module will be horses, dogs, cats & small mammals such as mice & rabbits. I will encourage discussion & participation from all students to create a fun learning environment

The aim is to improve the lives of animals through helping owners, hopefully contributing to a better pet / owner relationship & to equip students with a better than basic knowledge as a foundation for further study in this area.


  • Health
  • Behaviour
  • Housing
  • Handling
  • Welfare
  • Enrichment
  • Equipment
  • Hygiene & Cleaning Practices
  • Socialization

From these courses, Hannah hopes to achieve overall better welfare for the lives of all of our domestic animals & pets.